• 32 Litres capacity
  • Holds 50 Kgs object weight inside.
  • Auto 4-Minutes disinfection.
  • 360 Degree surface coverage.
  • 99.99% efficacy
  • ISO 15858:2016 Safety Certification Complied
  • CE Certified.
  • As per ICMR guidance, CSIO-CSIR Lab certified; NABL accredited IADFAC Laboratory Virology, Microbial and Food tested.
  • Disinfects: Food parcels, Grocery packet, Vegetables, Fruits, Milk, Meat & Fish, Metal items, Ornaments, Documents, Currency Notes & Coins, Smartphones, Laptops, Headsets, Clothes, PPE, Gloves, Masks.
  • Can be used in Homes, Offices, Hospitals, Hotels, Retail Shops, Factories, etc and Portable.


MinionLabs UV Saaph (MUVS) Standard variation product is designed like an elegant Microwave oven of 32 Litres to disinfect surfaces of objects from pathogens like bacteria, fungicides and other microorganisms that can cause diseases in humans and animals using UV-C light at a wavelength of 253.7 nm (based on the scientific principle of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) in less than4 minutes at 360 degrees. It can sanitize packages, deliveries, equipment, food parcels etc., and can able to disinfect Covid-19 virus and similar like pathogens in less than four minutes using UVC light.

Use Cases


There's no room for error when it comes to mitigating the flu virus, especially in hospitals and other healthcare facilities that should be a safe haven for people that have fallen victim to the illness. Flu season is on its way, and that means it’s time to prepare to rigorously clean professional and shared spaces in an effort to combat the spread of the COVID-19. Killing the corona virus requires a customized approach for different spaces, depending on their common touch points and trafficked areas. It’s critical to keep shared surfaces disinfected during peak flu season as potentially deadly flu viruses can live on surfaces for 24 hours or more than enough time to turn a hospital space into a full-blown hazard zone. Beyond just keeping already-infected patients safe, the virus can be especially deadly for patients that are suffering from other pre-existing conditions which result in a compromised immune system. With that in mind, healthcare facilities must be diligent about keeping the corona virus at bay.

Healthcare facility cleaning staff should already have hospital cleaning procedures and methods in place; the flu isn’t the only nasty bug to protect against, after all. However, when peak flu season arrives, extra steps have to be taken, starting with patient care equipment’s, medical devices, surgical instruments. Choosing the best disinfection method is extremely important when it comes to medical equipment. To prevent corona virus from spreading, all hospitals must have MINIONLABS UV SAAPH Solution as a plan of attack.

Educational Institutions

Schools are a hot bed for the spread of viruses like the flu; not only is an entire student body in constant contact with each other, but they share touch points that thousands of people come into contact with on a daily basis. The risk only multiplies when you consider trying to contain a flu outbreak at a college or University. In these environments, students not only share classrooms, cafeterias and common spaces that see thousands of students per day, but they also live on campus, inhabiting dormitories and bathrooms which are prone to causing widespread flu outbreaks when just one tenant becomes sick.

It's important to match your cleaning and disinfecting activities to the types of germs you want to remove or kill. Most studies have shown that the flu virus can live and potentially infect a person for only 2 to 8 hours after being deposited on a surface. Disinfecting works by using MINIONLABS UV SAAPH Solution to kill germs on surfaces or objects. Disinfecting lowers the number of germs on surfaces or objects to a safe level, as judged by public health standards or requirements. This process works by disinfecting surfaces or objects to lower the risk of spreading infection.


A number of airlines are stepping up precautionary measures in the wake of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak that continues to spread around the world. Travel restrictions around the world have been implemented to stop the virus from spreading. Though many carriers have temporarily cut flights or suspended routes to affected regions due to a drop in demand, airlines have also started to adopt measures to help curb the spread of the virus through global travel by introducing measures like limiting in-flight services, disinfecting aircraft,equipping crew with face masks, and conducting temperature checks before allowing passengers to board planes.

The carrier is cleaning and disinfecting its cabins, seats, galleys and washrooms. This includes disinfecting the IFE screens, meal plates, baby bassinet tables, and armrests across the aircraft after every flight. On the other hand hot towels, pillows, blankets, magazines, cabin services, masks, food packages, gloves re disinfected through MINIONLABS UV SAAPH.


We already covered how to disinfect the dirtiest shared spaces in your office, but it bears repeating, keeping an office clean and disinfected during peak flu season is crucial to maintaining a healthy and productive staff. The surfaces or the objects should be the focus of cleaning efforts, as it’s the most commonly shared space, and features touch points where virtually every employee will interact with at least once daily. Disinfect laptops, files, packages, food deliveries as they’re heavily trafficked surfaces that are seldom cleaned and a great place for the flu virus to hide and thrive.

When it comes to work spaces, the surfaces should be disinfected regularly, especially if coworkers come into work sick. Keyboards must also be disinfected and left to air dry. Mice and mouse pads are another overlooked area that should be disinfected, as well as monitors, speakers and any other commonly touched instruments that are present in a personal work area. Posting signage about the effectiveness and need for employees to wash their hands regularly, or providing kiosks with hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes for people to clean their hands, has proven to be extremely effective in work spaces. Beyond self-care, MINIONLABS UV SAAPH ensures safe solution in keeping heavily trafficked areas clean and disinfected to be free of the flu virus or to just periodically be cleaned to a professional shine.

Hotels and Hospitality

Flu viruses unfortunately don’t discriminate against travelers, and contracting one can quickly and easily ruin a trip for guests.To keep guests healthy during their stay and protect staff from absences due to illness, hotels should intently focus on removing and reducing the presence of harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi that can potentially interrupt and shorten guests visits.

Guest satisfaction should always be your number-one priority. During the course of a trip, travelers encounter numerous germ hotspots – from rental car and uber door handles, to airplane tray tables and hotel TV remotes. Without proper hygiene and disinfection, these germs can easily cause illness and spread quickly. It’s every hotel’s responsibility to provide guests and staff with a clean environment to limit the occurrence and impact of infections. Give guests the relaxing and an illness-free stay they expect by disinfecting the surfaces or objects with MINIONLABS UV SAAPH and your property will be well on its way to providing a cleaner environment.