• Set extreme temperature guards (Maintain the room at pre-set temperature which avoids air conditioner run all day unnecessarily)
  • Smart Operation (When people leave the room, the air conditioner unit drops down to a pre-set temperature to reduce energy consumption. After 10 minutes still if there is no one inside the room, the air conditioner will automatically turn off)
  • Instant Notification (Get instant Email / Mobile notifications)
  • Set temperatures according to weather (Set minimum and maximum pre-set temperature in order to regulate temperature requirement and save energy cost)
  • Auto Calendar Mode (Schedule the temperature for any given point of time on any day and make sure the air conditioner only works in the scheduled time)


The goal to save energy in your premises may not be based upon deep retrofits or spending on sophisticated new systems. It may be achieved by simply finding and fixing the causes of energy waste and inefficiency in your existing HVAC system.

The inefficiency of HVAC systems is a ghost issue that is usually neglected as the system keeps running. However, in reality, the system might be working harder than it needs to in order to keep up its usual performance. Investigating the performance of the HVAC system to see for any inefficiency stops needlessly wasting energy.


Commercial buildings, Educational Institutes, Hospitals, Apartment buildings, etc are some of the examples of large buildings where there is a diversity in energy needs. However, without the knowledge of their consumption, energy savings becomes out of the question. Itis well known that HVAC systems contribute to the majority of the portion of the electricity bill and any small change in its usage results in a significant reduction in the electricity bill and carbon footprint.


Having Minion EMS provides the user with energy insights into their HVAC consumption, and with the energy saving recommendations being followed the user can verify the impact it has on the overall consumption and how it helps reduce the costs. Since Minion EMS supports industry leading interfaces such as OpenTherm, BACnet, EEBus, Modbus, etc, it is easy to connect Minion Switch or any 3rd party switches to achieve automation based on predefined policies or the recommendations.

Having set policies like minimum running temperature of Air Conditioner at 25 degrees or having it running at necessary times results in reduction of total cost in the bill. Having smart HVAC systems with Minion EMS can help the user save up to 20-30% on the monthly energy bills.

Minion EMS can even identify any unusual performance of the HVAC system to notify the user of any necessary action to be taken for operating the system efficiently and avoiding any hardware failure.

Energy Saving Potential: Energy savings estimated up to 40% annually