With 5 Ai practices, Minion Energy Management Solution caters
Commercial Facilities
Retrofitted at MCB Panel of the Building
Plug & Play Installation and Data stream over WiFi / 3G / 4G
Descriptive Analytics
Monitors Energy Consumption Data and shows Analytics Instantly
Machine Learning Phase
Detects Appliances, Devices, Tools Turning ON/OFF with its Energy Consumption at Real Time.
Diagnostic Analytics
Early Fault Detection
Asset Health Monitoring
Detect Power Guzzling Activities
Detect Power Pilferages
Monitor Productivity based on Equipment Downtime
Predictive Analytics
Minion predicts energy costs and asset efficiency.
Artificial Intelligence
Minion runs various probabilities and decision analysis among available solutions and produces list of best recommendations/ action points to save energy cost
Prescriptive Analytics
User can create one or more Policies and get notifications if someone access certain equipmen or area or after duty time
Get real time energy consumption and recommendation notifications and insights through web/mobile apps