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Achieve Energy Savings with Expert Collaboration

  • Energy Auditors
  • Solar Panel / Clean Energy Solution Providers
  • Demand Side Management – DSM (Utilities)
  • Energy Service Company (ESCO)
  • Automation Solution Provider
  • Smart City Consultant
  • Smart Grid
  • Others

Our experts partner with you to help meet your client’s energy savings demand.



Corporate Social Responsibility is a company’s commitment to its stakeholders to conduct business in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner that is transparent and ethical

MinionLabs experts can consult you to implement and achieve energy efficiency. The main focus is to help consult the companies to meet CSR requirements as per The Companies Act 2013 was notified in September 2013. Section 135 and companies (Corporate Social Responsibility) rules 2014 which deals with the CSR activities. The CSR policy of the company is in compliance of The Companies Act, 2013. That helps to save and conserve energy to create impact on the environment and ecology.



Leverage our Product Expertise

Customizing a product to fit your needs takes time. With extensive knowledge in the domain, we can cater your sectorial energy analytics requirements at a faster time to value

  • Take full advantage of product functionality
  • Direct line to Minion Experts, Engineering and Solution
  • High Productivity
  • Faster time to value means a lower total cost of ownership

What to Expect when partnering with Minion Energy Efficiency Consulting


Risk Mitigation

MinionLabs has a proven track record of energy cost savings. Our Experts are trained and having paramount of domain knowledge in energy efficiency.


Lower total cost of Ownership

With extensive knowledge Minion’s Out-Of-Box functionality, we deliver high ROI in terms of energy savings.


Minion Expertise

Our core product experts specialize in building best-in-class features. We’ve done it time and time again for leading companies in every industry verticals.


Global Support

Minion experts are yet to move into the mars, otherwise we work with businesses across the earth at your hours.

Minion’s Consulting Services are helping my clients to meet energy efficiency demand and achieve yearly CSR activities on time.

Pavan Kumar

A proud Energy Auditor from Pune, India.