MinionLabs UV Saaph - 32 Liters

Price:  ₹ 16800.00 (ALL INCLUSIVE)
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Product Description:

The Minion UV Saaph Standard is a light weight, elegant, and portable disinfection system with a volume of 32 litres. It has been designed specifically to kill 99.99% of SARS-COVID-2 and other pathogens like germs, bacteria and fungicides in less than 4 minutes. This model is designed in such a way that the light energy from UV-C lamps (253.7 nm) are exposed to the object kept inside the box at 360 degrees making sure that even a millimetre is not left out for these pathogens to live.

Objects can be sanitized:

Vegetables, Fruits, Milk & Liquid items in sealed containers, Cooked Food packets, Meat & Fish, Grocery Packets, Metal items like key chains, vessels, coins, etc., Stationary like books, papers, documents, currency notes, etc., Electronic gadgets like smart phones, Headsets and speakers, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi modules, etc., Any Electronic Equipment’s & Components, etc.

Objects cannot be sanitized:

Open medicines and harmful chemical substances. If you have any doubts, get in touch with us to get experts advise in +080 4157 3527

Input Power:
230VAC ¬ 50Hz, 5Amps
Power Consumption:
16 Watts
32 Liters
Dimensions (in inches):
20.45 x 14.5 x 12.4
20 x 14.2 x 9.5
12.86 Kgs
Milky White
1 Year including UV-C Lamps
CE, ISO Safety 15858:2016